In the past, energy efficiency wasn’t the priority that it is today. Many homes today still contain above-ground ducts that aren’t as energy efficient as their modern counterparts. Over time, seals in joints in above ground metal ductwork become loose and cause leaks that lead to energy loss, increased energy bills and contamination of indoor air. Sealing of leaking overhead air ducts and encapsulating fiberglass fibers and odors in overhead ducts are two solutions provided by Trenchless Innovations to remedy these common problems.

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Duct Sealing

The EPA estimates that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. Think about it. If dirt and other pollutants find a way into your overhead air duct system and there are unsealed joints or cracks in them, it will find a way into your indoor air. Sealing your overhead ductwork increases the efficiency of your HVAC system and keeps pollutants out of your indoor air.

Our sealing process provides an airtight seal to restore your ducts by coating the seams or joints or by coating the entire interior of your air ducts. Furthermore, we seal overhead ducts from the inside because many times it is the only way to access them due to obstacles that make it nearly impossible to access them any other way. As a result, you’ll enjoy increased energy efficiency and less strain on your overhead duct system.

Sealing also promotes healthier air in your home or business by ensuring that dirt and debris are not pulled back into your ducts and continually recirculated. The bottom line? You’ll feel better because the air in your home or business will be cleaner.

One last advantage of sealing your ducts? The cost of sealing your overhead air ducts is easier on your pocketbook than complete replacement of your overhead system because restoration work typically found with replacement is minimal or eliminated.

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Many above-ground ducts are manufactured with a fiberglass liner to provide insulation and sound reduction. The problem with this is that over time the liner breaks down and releases the fiberglass fibers into the air. For overhead air duct systems that contain this deteriorating fiberglass duct liner, we encapsulate and seal the loose particles. As a result, these particles are locked down and prevented from entering your indoor air.

Our process also encapsulates odors, such as the residual smoke smell from a fire or smells from heavy cigarette use, by sealing them in and thus, making your indoor air fresher and cleaner.

Above Ground Air Duct Solutions: Benefits

Sealing your above ground air ducts provides many long-lasting benefits:

  • Increased system efficiency. Leaky air ducts waste energy and cause your system to work harder. Sealing leaks reduces the strain put on your system, therefore, leading to less wasted energy and greater indoor comfort for you.

  • You’ll save money. Our long-lasting process is much more cost efficient than replacing your entire overhead system because it eliminates the restoration work that comes along with replacement. Additionally, you will see decreases in your energy bill too because with leaks sealed up, your system is running more efficiently.

  • The air you breathe will be cleaner. Our process promotes healthy air quality by sealing cracks in your pipes where common irritants, such as dust, dirt or fiberglass fibers find their way in.

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