Underground Duct Lining FAQs

Video inspections typically take between 1-3 hours, but there are other factors to consider like the size of your home and how accessible your vents are.

Most any type of pipe can be lined with our duct lining material. The most common types of underground pipes are galvanized, concrete, transite, clay tile, PVC or cardboard. Our product is designed with a high adhesion value and compatible with all of these types of pipe.

Absolutely! Lining underground transite air ducts permanently encapsulates harmful asbestos fibers and ensures that they never make their way through your air duct system and into your home.

If you have water leaking into your air ducts, it is crucial that you find the source of the water problem and correct it before lining your air ducts. Click here to read about some common water drainage issues and warning signs.

Our product contains 3% zinc, so mold is unable to grow inside the newly lined pipe. Mold typically grows inside air ducts when there are holes in the pipe – allowing dirt and moisture to enter the pipe. Our product covers and seals these holes and prevents future mold growth in the duct.

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Lining the duct actually improves airflow because it creates a smooth surface for air to flow and seals off any holes that have reduced airflow in the past.

Our duct restoration process typically takes between two to three visits to complete dependent on the condition of your underground ductwork.

Currently we have a 12 month no payment, no interest option. We also have a 5-year 6.99% loan option which allows you to make low monthly payments.

Yes. We use Duct Armor, which is completely non-toxic. It is also environmentally safe. It is water based and contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is able to combat mold growth because of a high zinc content. It also has a NFPA Class A fire rating, so it truly poses no threat to your home or its occupants. You will not have to evacuate your home at any point, and you can use your HVAC system immediately afterwards.

Because the product is latex-based, you may experience an odor similar to that of freshly painted walls. This is harmless, as our product does not contain harmful chemicals, and it should disappear within 3-7 days after application.

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No! The great thing about our product is the safety of it. You and your family can stay home during the process.

Unfortunately, most home inspections do not include a complete inspection of underground ductwork.  Home inspectors typically don’t have the equipment necessary to inspect the entire underground duct system; however, they will usually perform a visual inspection of the heat registers.

Not likely. Home warranties usually only cover repairs to underground ductwork if the damage is caused by leaking or ruptured drain or water supply lines.

Trenchless Innovations provides a 15 year limited warranty on the installation of the product, however, the liner itself is designed with a 30+ year life expectancy!

No!  Our patented process covers the entire pipe, including the register opening and all fittings.  Unlike pulled-in-place liners, our liquid liner is able to reach all areas of the system from existing access points.

Video inspection costs start at $195.00. You will also receive a link to the video along with a thorough assessment report, including any drainage issues as well as recommendations for corrective actions.
The cost of lining depends on factors such as the size of your home and the condition of your ductwork. Generally, average-sized systems can range from $3000 – $8000.
Yes! Because leaks and holes in your ducts are sealed, airflow through the ducts is improved and your system operates more efficiently – saving you money and giving you the ultimate home comfort you deserve.