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Over time, underground ducting begins to show signs of deterioration. This is especially true in older homes, homes with transite pipe or homes with water drainage problems. In the past, correcting deteriorated underground ducts was nearly impossible without tearing up your home or converting to an overhead duct system.

Here is where Trenchless Innovations steps in. Our innovative underground air duct lining process offers a viable alternative to costly overhead HVAC system conversions. This is especially true in our cold-weather climate because with an overhead system, vents are found in the ceiling. And because heat naturally rises, it stays at ceiling level, leaving occupants literally with cold feet and hot heads. Furthermore, open-concept homes have limited ability to install an overhead system without the need for major construction work.

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Benefits of Duct Lining

During the process, underground air ducts are lined directly through the registers with a liquid liner that hardens into a rubberized duct, correcting problems such as mold and deterioration that allow dirt, sand and other debris to enter the air in your home. The result? A quick, long-lasting and environmentally-friendly solution that completely restores your ductwork and vastly improves the air quality in your home or business.

Another benefit of air duct lining? Cost! Nobody likes expensive home repairs, are we right? Air duct lining saves homeowners hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, while providing a solution that lasts for many years. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

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At Trenchless Innovations, we seek to educate our customers to make the best decisions for their situation. Our website is filled with information to explore about common undergound duct types, problems and more.

We begin with an assessment to identify your underground air duct issues and areas where repairs are necessary. We recommend our duct lining solution for long-lasting and fully restored underground ductwork.

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