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Cured-in-place pipe lining, pulled in place pipe lining and pipe bursting are three methods of trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation. Determining the best method to use is dependent on the condition and location of the pipes in need of repair.

CIPP Method of Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation

The most common sewer pipe rehabilitation method is cured in place pipe lining (CIPP). With this method, a new pipe is cured directly within a deteriorated one, creating a brand new pipe that prevents future deterioration and tree root intrusion. CIPP is an ideal solution because it results in minimal disruption to surroundings, unlike traditional sewer repair that requires excavation. Plus, customers are only without their services for the time it takes to install the liner!

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PIPP Method of Sewer Pipe Rehabilitation

Another commonly used method of sewer pipe rehabilitation is pull in place pipe lining (PIPP). With this method, a fiberglass sheet impregnated with epoxy resin is wrapped around a rubber bladder. The bladder is then pulled into the deteriorated section of pipe, and steam is applied to not only inflate the bladder but to cure the epoxy resin. This method is ideal for spot repairs and short sections of deteriorated pipes.

Pipe Bursting

When pipes have ovalized in shape or collapsed, they become too deteriorated for lining. When this happens, pipe bursting is an ideal solution. Using this method, the excavation of an entry and exit pit are necessary. A bursting head is then attached to the new replacement pipe. The bursting head and new pipe are pulled through the old sewer line, breaking up the old pipe and placing the new pipe in the same space.

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