Underground Duct Lining Solutions

If you’re experiencing problems with your underground air duct system, Trenchless Innovations can help with our underground air duct repair services! Whether we’re restoring your underground ducts to like-new condition using our patented Duct Armor HVAC liner or our trenchless casting method to restore the structural integrity of your ducts before lining them, we have all the tools to get your underground ductwork back to perfect shape.

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To fix underground ductwork without tearing up your house involves duct lining. The duct lining process seals ducts directly through the registers with a liquid liner. When the liquid liner hardens, it seals the duct, protecting it against dirt, debris, and mold.

Trenchless Innovations has been providing the Chicago area with underground duct lining services for years. Our duct lining solutions for underground duct problems provides an alternative to ripping out old underground ducts or converting to an overhead duct system. Contact us online now to set up a consultation.

Trenchless sewer repairs will cost about what traditional methods of pipe repair cost in the Chicago area. However, depending on the issue, trenchless repairs can typically be fixed much more quickly, resulting in less of a disruption to your home or business. Also, excavation costs can add to the bill of traditional methods, not to mention the cost of redoing any landscaping.

To learn more about trenchless sewer repair, contact the experts at Trenchless Innovations. With almost 20 years in the business, we are the premier trenchless pipe repair company in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Contact us online today!

The price of duct armor near Chicago depends on the individual home. A very small, basic system will start at around $3,500, but you can usually expect a range of $5,000 – $9,000. Duct armor restores your duct work to a better than new condition. It is an appealing alternative to the hassle of replacing an entire ductwork system.

For a more accurate quote on duct armor for your home, call Trenchless Innovations. We are a local company performing impeccable duct services at affordable rates. Contact us online now!

Depending on the type of duct booster you get and its purpose, a duct booster can be effective. However, if you are using a duct booster to compensate for an issue with your HVAC system, it will only serve as a temporary solution. Additionally, duct boosters will not be able to make up for leaky and ineffective ductwork. Duct boosters are most effective when they are used to help air pass through long and complex ductwork. To learn more about duct boosters, give us a call today.

An air duct and an air vent both help to assist your HVAC system in effectively heating and cooling your home. Your air ducts are the channel through which the air in your home is transferred to your HVAC system after it is pulled in by the supply vent. Once the air is heated or cooled, it passes through the rest of the ductwork until it reaches a vent. The vent is at the end of a network of ductwork and allows the air to exit from the air ducts. To find out more about your ducts and vents, contact us today

Yes, underground ductwork can be repaired. There are minimally invasive options available that allow you to bypass having to cut through large portions of your home in order to access your ductwork. Underground ductwork can be repaired with duct lining or sealing methods that help to seal any imperfections in your existing ductwork to make it work more efficiently. To learn more about getting your underground ductwork repaired, call us today

Duct Armor HVAC Liner for Air Duct Repair

Trenchless Innovations is proud to use Duct Armor, a proprietary water-based latex material, in our duct lining process. Duct Armor contains zinc to prevent the growth of mold and other bacteria and is safe for all occupants as it contains no harmful chemicals. In fact, you do not have to leave your home during application, and you can turn your system back on as soon as we finish the lining process!

Duct Armor is completely rust resistant, and because it is made up of 50% bonding agent, it provides excellent adherence to your existing ducts and onto itself. It will not be damaged by water, however, water problems in your ducts should be corrected before lining your ducts.

Click here to learn more about common drainage issues and solutions.

Our underground air duct lining technology eliminates costly repair bills by restoring your deteriorated underground ductwork without the need for digging and it provides many long-lasting benefits:

  • Lining your ducts completely restores your old, deteriorated underground ducts to a better-than-new condition

  • Our process is quick and non-invasive and it eliminates the restoration work commonly found after complete system replacement using traditional air duct repair methods

  • Lining your ducts is very cost efficient as compared to the costly alternative of replacing your underground system or moving it overhead
  • Your HVAC system will operate more efficiently because our process improves airflow and eliminates common irritants, allowing your system to run as efficiently as possible

  • Lining your ducts solves problems commonly found in underground ductwork such as dirt, sand and other debris, harmful radon gases or transite piping and therefore eliminates the health risks these problems often pose to occupants.
  • Experience increased home comfort with underground duct lining so you can breathe easier knowing your indoor air is clean, healthy and comfortable

  • Our Duct Armor liner is water-based, non-toxic and environmentally-safe so you never have to worry about the safety of our product

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Trenchless Casting

It has been our experience that in some cases, the condition of underground air ducts are so severely deteriorated that there is no longer any structure left to them.

In these cases, Trenchless Casting serves as a way to restore structural integrity back into the ducts so they can then be spray lined with Duct Armor.

Your air duct repair could be easy and effective with our duct lining solutions.

Trenchless Casting is most commonly used to restore the structural integrity of galvanized and cardboard (sonotube) ducts that have deteriorated due to rust or elements over time. Although not used with every restoration project, it provides additional strength to our lining process for pipes in pretty serious disrepair.

What are the benefits of Trenchless Casting? There are several:

  • Our process gives you brand new pipe within your old pipe, making them suitable for duct lining.

  • Trenchless Innovations provides a 15 year warranty on the process, but we know it will last much longer!
  • Used in conjunction with duct lining, the trenchless casting provides an agent for our Duct Armor product to better bond to. A great combination that results in new, strong and long-lasting pipes for years to come – and no worries for you!

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