Benefits of Sewer Lining vs. Excavating

Traditionally, sewer line repairs meant replacing old pipes with new ones by excavating. Today, that is no longer the case with the emergence of trenchless technology that eliminates the need for messy digging. Our innovative process repairs your sewer line by inserting a one-piece felt tube impregnated with resin that creates a pipe within a pipe. Using a one-piece liner eliminates the joints of the pipe, which is where tree root intrusion commonly happens. Offset joints are also minimized by the liner because it smoothes out transitions in clay pipe.

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You Can Count on Trenchless Technology

If you’re experiencing sewer line problems and are contemplating the best way to correct them, consider the following benefits that trenchless sewer repair offers over traditional digging methods.

  • No disruption to property – With trenchless sewer repair, there’s no disruption to your property, regardless of what lies above your sewer line. Using traditional dig methods, additional costs and time may be necessary, especially if your line runs under a street, driveway, sidewalk or utility.

  • Durability – Trenchless pipe repair offers a long-lasting, durable solution that is guaranteed to last for years to come and that will not crack, rust or allow tree roots in. In fact, the product comes with a standard 50 year warranty!

  • Duration – Depending on the length and condition of your pipes, our trenchless method is usually completed within a day. You can begin using your services again as soon as we are finished, so the only break in service is when the lining process is actually being done!

  • Cost – Although the cost of trenchless sewer repair is comparable to traditional excavation, you can save thousands because cleanup and restoration fees that result after a traditional dig, such as street replacement, tree removal and sidewalk replacement, are eliminated.

  • Flexibility – Our lining process is not restricted by above ground conditions such as streets, driveways and parkways, which can make traditional excavation dangerous or almost impossible. Furthermore, municipalities commonly impose restrictions on how close digs can occur near trees and other city structures.

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