Trenchless Innovations has been providing air duct & sewer repair services to solve problems for residential and commercial clients in Olympia Fields, IL and the surrounding areas since 2002!

Your ductwork may be full of water in Olympia Fields, IL due to several reasons. The most common being due to groundwater that has found a way under your homes foundation and entered through joints and seams in your pipes and plenum. Water can also find a way under your foundation if downspouts drop too close to the home, ground pitch in incorrect, gutters are clogged or with heavy rain and snow melt. 

Regardless of what is causing your ductwork to fill with water, it is important to have it assessed right away so that you do not begin to have a mold or mildew problem.

To get your ductwork inspected, give us a call today.

The cost of duct lining varies based on several factors including the length of ductwork to be lined, the accessibility of the ducts and the condition of the ducts.  Benefits of duct lining are: 

  • It reduces allergens in your indoor air by sealing cracks and holes in ducts where allergens typically escape.
  • It seals in particles or fibers of existing ductwork, such as old asbestos transite fibers.
  • It restores your ductwork to a like-new condition, allowing your HVAC system to operate more efficiently.

Duct lining is a great solution for underground duct repair as it does not require digging or restoration work after the repair. Duct lining effectively seals your existing ductwork to protect against health hazards.

To learn more about getting your air ducts lined, call us today.

A few ways to tell if your sewer line is broken in Olympia Fields, IL include: 

  • Your sewage is backed up. 
  • Your sinks drain slowly. 
  • There is a sewage smell in your home. 

If you suspect your sewer line is broken, you should have it inspected right away. A sewer line break can lead to health issues and can damage your home’s foundation. To get your sewer line inspected, contact us today.

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FANTASTIC!!! The service couldn't be better.

Review of Trenchless Innovations Inc.

I am especially pleased with the way they took care of my floors and other property as they completed the work throughout the entire house. All of the workmen were personable, courteous, and professional.

Jim D.

Jim D.

We are applying Trenchless Cast mortar to all of the deteriorated underground cardboard air ducts. This process will give them a strong structure. We are also going to apply two applications of our rubberized Duct Armor product to completely seal the underground air duct system. The customer will no longer experience heavy debris and dust blowing out of the air duct system.

Near Brookwood Dr, Olympia Fields, IL 60461
Kevin W.

Kevin W.

Lined a 6” sewer from an outside clean out 37’ out to the city main, 30’ in towards the house ending liner in 4” cast, also installed a Tee Liner in the hammer tap clean out lining 2’ out, 2’ in, and 2’ up the clean out riser. The customer had heavy root growth throughout the sewer also a dangerous sink hole starting to develop in the city easement due to rain/ ground water leaking through bad joints washing the earth away. The liner will seal the joints and stop roots and ground water entering

Near Greenwood Dr, Olympia Fields, IL 60461
Kevin W.

Kevin W.

We looked at underground duct work for a customer that was getting a lot of fine dust blowing out of the registers. We found all the duct work was PVC, but the connectors and elbows were metal that were heavily rusted out allowing the backfill under the slab to enter the duct work and when the furnace would run it allowed the dust to blow up in the house. We cleaned all the ducts, applied spin cast mortar to all the bad connectors and elbows. Lastly we applied duct armor to seal the system.

Near Wysteria Dr, Olympia Fields, IL 60461
Bob S.

Bob S.

Idea inspection of underground air ducts. Ducts are PVC with metal connections. Metal connections are rusting and allowing dirt and debris to enter the system. Trenchless Innovations suggests spray lining the ducts to seal the leaking joints.

Near Wysteria Dr, Olympia Fields, IL 60461