Sewer Video Inspection

Our sewer lining process begins with a video inspection of your sewer line. Our technicians send a specialized camera through your existing sewer access point to gain a clear picture of the whole condition of your sewer line. Our video inspection pinpoints the precise points of repair by showing exactly what is wrong with your line and where the problems in your line lie. You’ll receive an online copy of your inspection video along with the complete report highlighting the problems and detailing our determination of the best approach to your sewer repair using the most appropriate methods we have available. All of this is provided to you to assist you with making the best decision possible for repairing your sewer line

Cleaning of Sewer Line

On the day of your lining we will use a mechanical cutter and/or hydro-jetter to clean out all roots, scale buildup, broken pieces of pipe and other debris in order to return the pipe back to its original diameter.

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Pre-Sewer Lining Video Inspection and Liner Preparation

After cleaning your line, we will again send our camera into it to ensure all looks good and the pipe is ready to be lined. We will then accurately measure the length of liner necessary and cut the felt liner to this size. Once cut to the appropriate size, we saturate the felt liner with our liner material to prep it for installation.


During installation, our technicians insert the prepped liner into your line. Once in position (inverted) the CIPP liner is inflated by air pressure, pressing the liner against the host pipe. Steam or hot water is then circulated within the newly applied liner to begin the curing process.

Post Sewer Lining Video Inspection

Once the resins have cured, we remove the internal bladder, leaving only the newly lined pipe. Once the sewer repair is complete we send our camera into your line one last time to ensure that the liner was indeed installed successfully.

Once confirmed, your sewer is once again ready for use. We perform our lining process with as little disruption and service interruption to you as possible. The entire procedure is typically completed in one day so we’re in and out – and you’re only out of service for just the length of time it takes to line your sewer.

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