Get an Underground Air Duct Inspection for an Accurate Assessment

An air duct inspection and drainage assessment is the best way to know for sure where problems in your underground ducts lie. Underground ducts can easily become filled with sand, water, dust or any surrounding debris. There are usually signs to indicate a problem, but an inspection is the only way to find out exactly what lies beneath in order to devise the best solution.

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Signs You Need an Underground Air Duct Inspection and Drainage Assessment

Do you need your underground ducts inspected? If you are noticing any of the below symptoms from your vents or registers, you should probably look into having an assessment:

  • Mildew/musty smell
  • Other odd smells

  • Visible water

  • Visible sand or dirt

  • Reduced airflow

  • Gurgling noises

Our air duct inspections are performed with our state-of-the-art video equipment and will reveal the issue and its extent. We keep in mind the specifics of your home’s location and the duct type you have. An assessment of the external conditions around your home will determine the most effective approach to solving any drainage problem.

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Benefits of a Video Inspection and Drainage Assessment

Our air duct inspection is designed to provide you with a thorough assessment of the condition of your underground ductwork. During an inspection we make sure to:

  • Document the entire process

  • Pinpoint areas where rust, mold and other deterioration have occurred
  • Offer the best long-term solution for restoring your ducts

  • Provide an online copy of your inspection video with the complete inspection report

You’re welcome to watch the camera screen as we perform the underground air duct inspection, and we encourage you to ask any questions about the inspection, suggested solutions or our process.

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