With over 30 years experience in the sewer industry, John and Kevin Reid, owners of Reid & Pederson Drainage, know a thing or two about sewers. In 2002, an aging sewer infrastructure led to increased service calls for sewer repair and replacement. Recognizing this growing homeowner problem, they realized that a trenchless solution was a fitting alternative to the often costly and disruptive traditional sewer repair method of digging. The result was the creation of Trenchless Innovations.  Specializing in trenchless sewer lining repair technology, our safe and long-lasting solution quickly caught on with homeowners. Today, Trenchless Innovations is the premier trenchless pipe repair expert in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana areas.

In 2009, an increase in service calls for ductwork repair pointed out another growing problem that many homeowners were experiencing – deteriorating underground ductwork. Realizing that lining technology similar to the one used in sewer repair could be used to solve these ductwork issues and save homeowners from costly conversions to overhead ducting, Trenchless Innovations began offering air duct restoration lining technology in 2009.

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Today, Trenchless Innovations remains committed to our customers by continuing to offer innovative solutions that solve their sewer and air duct problems. We stay on the cutting edge of technology by constantly creating innovative solutions that continue to keep our customers happy.

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