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The trained professionals at Trenchless Innovations will set up a time to meet with you to discuss your concerns. We perform an assessment of your system and provide a recommended solution for sealing or encapsulating your ducts. During this visit, a video inspection using our special duct inspection camera may be recommended to visually inspect the ducts.

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The Video Inspection Process

Our televising process begins with our trained technicians carefully placing tarps over the work area so we don’t disturb your home. Next, a camera records your overhead ductwork and pinpoints areas where leaks and deteriorated ducts are found. Our video inspection gives a clear understanding of the condition of your overhead ducts and therefore, allows us to determine the best solution to correct your issues. Finally, you’ll receive an online copy of your inspection video, in addition to the complete inspection report detailing our recommendations for sealing and encapsulating your overhead ductwork.

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You may need to have your above ground air ducts inspected in Chicago, IL because 

  • Your HVAC system is not heating and cooling your rooms evenly.
  • There is dust on your air vents and registers. 
  • There is excess dust in your home’s indoor air. 

If you notice issues with the efficiency of your HVAC system or issues with your indoor air quality, it is a good idea to have your above ground air ducts inspected. To get your above ground air ducts inspected, call us today

The following can happen if you don’t clean your above ground air ducts in Chicago, IL:

  • Your home’s indoor air quality will be poor.
  • Your home’s HVAC system will fill with dust.
  • Your home’s HVAC system will not run as efficiently.

If your above ground air ducts are dirty and you do not have them cleaned, it can lead to a variety of issues that can cost you more money and affect your health. To get your above ground air ducts cleaned, contact us today

Your above ground air ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years in Chicago, IL. Although, the frequency with which you will need your air ducts cleaned can also rely on factors such as if you have pets in your home or if you have a mold or dust issue in your air ducts. You may want to also consider having your air ducts cleaned if someone in your home has severe allergies or a health issue that affects their respiratory system. To learn more about getting your above ground air ducts cleaned, give us a call today

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