Trenchless Innovations has been providing air duct & sewer repair services to solve problems for residential and commercial clients in Crown Point, IN and the surrounding areas since 2002!

The cost of sewer pipe lining near Crown Point and other areas of northwest Indiana depends on several factors, as each project is unique.

Three of the most critical factors that affect the cost of sewer pipe lining include:

  • The current overall condition of the sewer line.
  • The length of the sewer line that needs repair.
  • Location of access points to the sewer line.

The cost of sewer pipe lining is comparable to traditional methods that require digging trenches, but choosing trenchless sewer pipe lining can save high costs on landscape restoration and clean-up.

If you see signs of some of these common sewer problems, contact Trenchless Innovations today to discuss the particulars of your specific situation with our team of experts!

Sewer pipe lining has a fantastic track record for longevity. Sewer relining should last 50 years or more.

Why? Compared with a traditional sewer pipe, sewer pipe lining eliminates worries from:

  • Cracking
  • Rusting
  • Root Incursion

Sewer lining isn’t just an effective and convenient solution to fixing broken and deteriorated sewer pipes; it’s also a method that will stand the test of time. In fact, our sewer lining process comes with a 50-year transferable warranty and you can expect it to last even longer than that! To learn more about our technology, or discuss the unique needs of your Crown Point home, contact us today!

A strange odor coming from your ductwork can be due to several factors. Common causes of odd smells coming from the ducts include:

  • Excess water buildup and mold.
  • Holes, cracks or breaks in ducts.
  • Decomposing animals.

Note: If you notice an unusual odor from your ductwork, it’s critical to find out the source of the smell, as it could present health and safety concerns. For example, mold growth is a frequent cause of odors in the ductwork. If this is the case, it’s essential to remedy the mold issue as soon as possible because of the health risks. In this case, you will need to eliminate the mold and repair any water issues before lining the air ducts.

To learn more about our duct inspection and duct lining services near Crown Point, contact the experts at Trenchless Innovations today!

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Local Reviews
for Crown Point, IN

Trenchless Innovations Inc. Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 2 customer reviews

Great experience

Review of Trenchless Innovations Inc.

After my first plumber said I should remove my sewer pipes to the city sewer I turned to Trenchless Innovations who suggested lining my pipes to the city sewer instead of replacing them. Kevin Wall and Jim D showed up at the promised time, and quickly started the job. The 3rd technician was John R one of the companies owners I was impressed. They finished the job in a timely manner, and the before and after videos seem to indicate a job well done. Now the roots can’t get to the pipes, and I have a 50 year warranty on the lining. My thanks Kevin, John and Jim. Job well done.

Response from Trenchless Innovations Inc.:

Ed, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us! We are very happy to hear you had a pleasant experience from start to finish and we are glad you would eliminate your tree root problem for you. We hope you enjoy the benefits of your sewer lining for many years. Thank you for choosing Trenchless Innovations for your sewer lining project. Give us a call anytime if you have any further questions whatsoever. Thank you again!

Good Experience

Review of Trenchless Innovations Inc.

Showing the video of the damage and after the repair was everything to me. Nothing boosts confidence of a decision more than knowledge.

Josh R.

Josh R.

We are applying our Trenchless Cast Mortar to all of the heavily rusted underground metal duct work. The air ducts are now sealed with a strong concrete like structure and sand and debris will no longer enter the system.

Near Kenmare Pkwy, Crown Point, IN 46307
Kevin W.

Kevin W.

We are lining a sewer from an outside clean out out to the city main, our customer was experiencing frequent sewer back ups we were able to clear the blockage clean the sewer line and line the sewer. Now the customer has peace of mind and won’t ever have to worry about tree root entering the line causing a future sewer back up.

Near Franciscan Dr, Crown Point, IN 46307
Bob S.

Bob S.

Televised ducts under slab floor. Ducts are metal with rusting and water throughout. Measured the height of the drain til in sum pit and the height of the ducts and they are about the same height. The draintil should be lowered to reduce the water table under the house. After the water issue is resolved the ducts should be retelevised to see if they can just be spray lined or if they need to be spin cast mortared as well.

Near Burning Tree Ct, Crown Point, IN 46307
Bob S.

Bob S.

Televised ducts under slab floor. Ducts are clay tile ducts with metal elbows. Customer is having issues with water getting into the ducts. They have recently had a sump pit installed. Looks like they need more perforated hole in the pit to allow more water into the pit. They are going to have contractor come back to open holes larger and drill more holes. After water issues are resolved the ducts should be spin cast mortared on the joints then spray lined with Duct Armor duct lining material. Customer also needs to run downspouts out and pitch them better.

Near N Indiana St, Crown Point, IN 46307
Bob S.

Bob S.

Video inspection of underground air ducts due to smell in one of the rooms. Customer is suspecting something dead in the duct. Camera showed that all duct runs were clear with no problems.

Near Anderson St, Crown Point, IN 46307
Kevin W.

Kevin W.

We lined the sewer from an outside clean out about 20’ to a manhole, the clay tile pipe was severely cracked and broken. With the liner the pipe is like new pvc within the old broken clay tile.

Near W 84th Ct, Crown Point, IN 46307
Bob S.

Bob S.

Video inspection of underground air ducts. Ducts are metal and extremely rusted. Sand is filling the ducts making it impossible to get the camera from one end to another. Suggest trying to clean ducts to remove sand.

Near Baker Pl, Crown Point, IN 46307
Bob S.

Bob S.

Video inspection of under slab air ducts. Ducts are extremely deteriorated but can be repaired by spin casting a new concrete duct and the spray lining with Duct Armor. All this with no digging!

Near Saratoga St, Crown Point, IN 46307