A sewer inspection is a surefire way to get to the bottom of repeated sewer backups.  In 2010, a high Sewer Inspectionschool in Romeoville, Illinois began experiencing repeated sewer problems. Realizing they needed a solution, they brought in professionals to remedy the problem. Little did they know, their problems were actually just beginning.

An Incomplete Sewer Lining Job

When a break in the sewer line was discovered, sewer lining was recommended to repair the broken pipe below. Believing the lining would solve the sewer issues, they proceeded with the recommendation.

A Bigger Sewer Problem is Discovered

Fast forward three years and the high school once again began experiencing frequent sewer backups, necessitating frequent rodding to keep the problem in check. This time around, officials called Trenchless Innovations to take a look at the sewer line and provide a firm diagnosis on what was happening.

A Surprise Discovery

A sewer inspection completed by Trenchless Innovations revealed a discovery that surprised everyone. The sewer lining performed three years earlier was causing the problem they were experiencing. Two sewer lines, known as lateral lines, were to blame for the repeated backups.  Lateral lines are sewer lines that run from a home or building to the main city line. Blockages or other problems in lateral lines are almost always the responsibility of the home or building owner. In this instance, it was the responsibility of the high school to once again repair the issue.

The two lines in question connected to the one that had been lined three years prior. In order to restore service, lateral connections that tie into the main run must be re-opened. Our camera inspection revealed that this step was never completed by the previous company.  

Trenchless Innovations to the Rescue!

Using special grinding pads positioned at the connection to the main line with a camera, Trenchless Innovations went through all existing access points in the lateral pipes. The special pads ground out the excessive liner, smoothing the connections and opening them to their full diameters.  

This particular school was dealing with sewer issues for years, and within four hours, Trenchless Innovations corrected their sewer problems.