Your home is filled with a network of air ducts that deliver heat when the furnace is on and cool air when the AC is Lined plenumcranked. Over time, problems within your ducts do pop up, reducing the effectiveness of your system and decreasing your home comfort level. Below, we point out some of those problems as well as highlight our underground air duct lining solution that eliminates your underground duct work problems. 

  1. Older homes. “Vintage” homes certainly have charm, but sometimes their duct work isn’t as charming. Many older homes contain ducts made with obsolete materials that have deteriorated over time, causing leaks, inefficiencies and sometimes the release of carcinogenic asbestos fibers. (Think: Old transite pipe).
  2. Inadequate insulation.  Inadequate insulation of air ducts causes condensation, which leads to mold growth that can cause respiratory and other health issues.
  3. Animal infestation.  Believe it or not, critters do find a way into your air ducts. Rodents love to chew through duct work, wreaking havoc and oftentimes leading to costly remediation. Not to mention, they carry diseases that can get airborne – certainly something you don’t want in your home and the air you and your family breathes!
  4. Dirty ducts.  Dust and other allergens are a common household woe.  Continued build-up in ducts causes increased amounts of allergens to float throughout your home, causing respiratory problems, especially for individuals with allergies or with compromised immune systems.

Underground air duct lining creates a brand new network of air duct pipes within your old ones.  Cracks, holes and leaks are covered and allergens and other irritants in deteriorating pipes are locked down for good.  The result? Healthy, noticeably cleaner air within your home, without the worry of any irritants posing a health risk to you or your family.  

If you are continually experiencing any of the above problems, it is time to kick those air quality woes to the curb for good.  Give Trenchless Innovations a call at (708) 758-5070 and let us answer your questions about our permanent, long-lasting underground air duct lining solution.