When an above ground air duct problem at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago was discovered by management, innovative air duct sealing from Trenchless Innovations solved the problem quickly and effectively.

Many commercial above ground air duct systems are lined on the inside with a fiberglass liner for sound reduction and insulation. After noticing system inefficiencies, management at the arena called the original HVAC company back out to investigate.  The HVAC company discovered that the fiberglass liner placed inside the ducts was about to separate from the ducts and therefore, needed to be replaced right away in order to prevent the fiberglass fibers from entering the arena and posing a potential health risk to visitors.  Since correcting the problem was not something that the HVAC company specialized in, they turned to Trenchless Innovations to complete the repair using their innovative air duct sealing process.

Before performing the job, Trenchless Innovations thoroughly examined the entire length of the ductwork and marked all areas where the liner was about to separate from the ducts. Working through the full length of the ductwork, a technician entered the interior of the ducts and precisely sprayed a safe, environmentally-friendly coating on all marked areas, creating brand-new ducts within the old ones.  Our air duct sealing process permanently locked down the separating fiberglass liner and resulted in newly restored above ground ducts throughout the entire arena. And the best part?  Zero threat of the loose fiberglass fibers ever finding their way into the arena… or into the lungs of dedicated fans.