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Trenchless Innovations is a sewer lining and air duct restoration company. With over 15 years of experience using trenchless solutions, we can help you solve your problem. Our sewer lining division uses the latest technology to restore your sewer with minimal disruption to your property. Our air duct restoration division can restore your underground air ducts and above ground HVAC systems by sealing and encapsulating your old ducts, making them more energy efficient and environmentally sound. Both divisions handle everything from residential to industrial restoration projects.

Sewer Pipe Lining

Sewer Pipe LiningOur sewer lining division uses innovative technology to repair a broken or deteriorated sewer line without digging. Whether the clay pipe is broken or root infiltration is causing your sewer to back up, a one piece sewer liner can be installed to repair any length of pipe from one foot to the entire length of the sewer line. The liner can be installed through an existing accessible cleanout with little to no disruption to your landscape or property, preventing future tree roots from entering the newly lined sewer pipe.

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Air Duct Restoration

Air Duct RestorationOur air duct restoration division handles everything from in-slab underground air ducts to overhead HVAC systems. From encapsulation of transite asbestos air ducts to complete restoration of deteriorated galvanized air ducts, our patented process can repair any amount of damage to your underground system. For above ground HVAC systems that are leaking, our product can seal the joints and fittings to make it more energy efficient. For air ducts containing deteriorating fiberglass duct liner, our product can encapsulate and seal the loose fiberglass particles blowing throughout the system.

Although the end result of lining a sewer or an underground air duct is very similar, the materials and processes for each are very different. Underground air ducts have many tees and connections, making it impossible to install a one piece liner that will seal every joint effectively. The ducts must be sealed using a remote camera that sprays 360 degrees sealing every turn and joint. Our spray liner is specifically formatted for use in air ducts, and has been extensively tested to be environmentally friendly with no adverse health effects. Our air duct restoration is backed by a 15 year transferrable warranty.

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Why Hire Us?

We know what our customers want and we know exactly how to give it to them. You are always in good hands whenever you apply for our services. Our techs are skilled and licensed. You can say that we’re the only professionals in the area who know their trade best.

Why wouldn’t you go with sewer and air duct specialists that are able to offer you three decades worth of experience? When you go Trenchlesss, you’ll never go back to traditional¬† digging methods. Call us and see. We know that you’ll be amazed at how well we can get your Chicago sewer & duct repairs.

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